'EFM8UB1 Breakout' - DIP scale USB-MCU board


EFM8UB1 Breakout

This breakout board converts Silicon Labs' EFM8UB1(Universal Bee series) to DIP scale.
You can use the USB Type-C cable directly connected.

Board pinout

EFM8UB1 Brealout Pinout diagram

Largesize - efm8ub1_breakout_pinout_rev0.9.pdf

How to use the bootloader

Please see the pdf below.
AN945: EFM8 Factory Bootloader User's Guide

  1. Entry to CDC bootloader
  2. Reset (/RESET pin low) or turn on the power with the /BOOT pin set to 'L', then enter the bootloader.
    When connected with USB, it is recognized as HID device.
  3. Convert to bootcode
  4. Convert .hex files that can be built by Simplicity IDE into .efm8 file as follows.
    > hex2boot foo.hex -o foo.efm8
  5. Writing to EFM8
  6. Write the .efm8 file to the MCU with efm8load.exe.
    > efm8load foo.efm8
    If there is no error, it is executed after the program is written.
    After that, when the /BOOT(C2D) pin is open or 'H' level at reset, the user program is preferentially executed.


EFM8UB1 Breakout schematic (PDF)
GitHub-Mark efm8ub1_breakout_schem_rev0.9.pdf

EFM8UB1 USB-CDC downloader (Silicon Labs' site)
Cloud-Mark AN945SW.zip

Simplicity Studio download (Silicon Labs' site)
Cloud-Mark Simplicity Studio 4

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